Be Active 6 Week Challenge

Make 2021 your year! 

Our Be Active 6 Week Challenge starts on Monday 15th February 2021!  

Join the 6-Week Challenge and Receive: 

  • Your choice of small group or one-to-one Personal Training sessions 
  • A Myzone Heart Rate Belt to help you track your performance
  • Access to the Be Active App to help you record and track your progress
  • 6 weeks access to Home Fitness Network – allowing you to workout anywhere
  • 6 week Michelle Bridges 12WBT Nutrition Portal access via the Home Fitness Network
  • A goal setting consultation to define your goals and how Be Active can help you reach them
  • Continued support and check ins with your trainer
  • Weekly health and fitness tips and advice, delivered directly to your inbox
  • Unlimited motivation, coaching and support
  • A challenge team and designated Personal Trainer to support you and compete in fun Centre based challenges to win prizes throughout the 6 weeks! 

We understand that your goals are as unique as you are, so whether you're on a mission to lose those COVID kilos, break a fitness plateau, prepare for a fitness competition or simply adopt some healthier habits – this challenge is for YOU! 

This 6-week training program will equip you with the tools and support your needs to not only achieve results, but maintain them too! 

Myzone® Technology 

Myzone® heart rate technology allows you to track your efforts during workouts in order to stay motivated and keep you on track in reaching your goals! 
View how many calories you've burnt and track your heart rate throughout your workout. Through this technology, we're able to take the guesswork out of training and instead use science to achieve results. The benefits of Myzone® include: 

  • View your effort live on your smartphone
  • Make connections and challenge friends
  • Earn points and gain status rankings
  • Motivation that provides a sense of community
  • Connect to other wearable devices
  • Connect to third party equipment for maximum versatility
  • Get trustworthy results with 99.4% EKG accuracy 

Challenge Cost

There are several options to joining the Be Active 6 Week Challenge, based on YOUR needs and fitness preferences we can help you achieve your goals and set you on a maintainable lifestyle change. 

Please note – you will need to be a Health Club member of our Centre – not a member? It’s super easy to get started! 

Check it out below! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask our team in Centre! 


Your registration fee for the Challenge includes your Myzone belt (your choice of the MZ-1 or MZ-3), Access to the Be Active App, Home Fitness Network and Nutrition Portal, PLUS the ongoing support of our team. 

OPTION 1: $99 MZ-3 Belt 

The MZ-3 Belt is the top of the range heart rate tracking belt.  

  • Connects with the in Centre display screens to see your heart rate in real time 
  • Connects with the Myzone app for your real time heart rate and effort level
  • Washable and Sweatproof 
  • Rechargeable with up to 7 months on a single charge! 
  • Built in memory to track your session anywhere and anytime, when you're away from the gym or it’s not convenient to carry your phone. 

This belt is perfect if you leave your phone at home or in the locker when training.

OPTION 2: $49 MZ-1 Belt 

  • Connects with the in Centre display screens to see your heart rate in real time 
  • Connects with the Myzone app for your real time heart rate and effort level 
  • Washable and Sweatproof 
  • Replaceable battery 

As the MZ-1 has no internal storage you will need to have your phone handy to record and save your sessions. 


We want to help you train how YOU like! That’s why we have two training options. To select your option and pay for the 6 weeks of the challenge you will need to secure your registration spot FIRST, then head in Centre for our team to set you up with your personalised plan! 

OPTION 1: Personal Training Sessions $xx per session 

We can match you with one of our expert PT’s and set you on the path to greatness! 

You may choose to do 1 session per week or more! Totally up to you – you tell us! 

PT sessions inclusions: 

  • 30 minute sessions
  • Direct support from your PT
  • You will be placed into your PT’s team for the in Centre challenges and prize! 


OPTION 2: Small Group Training $49.95 per week 

We will be offering EXCLUSIVE Small Group Training (SGT) classes for our challenge participants. These will be smaller than normal group fitness classes with more direct support and structure from our PT instructors. 

SGT inclusions: 

  • Unlimited Small Group Training Classes
  • You will be assigned a trainer to support your check in’s pre and post challenge.
  • You will be placed into a PT’s team for the in Centre challenges and prize! 

To set you up with a trainer, we will have you answer a few questions about your training style, preferences and goals. A trainer will then be in contact to book a time to meet you and walk you through the challenge! 

FAQs Expand all

How do I register for the Be Active 6-week challenge?

To register simply visit sign up online (click below) or contact your local club. 

What is included in my Be Active Challenge registration?

Support and guidance from your Personal Trainer or Coach to educate you about fitness and nutrition plus keep you motivated to help you achieve your personal goals whether it be weight loss, fitness or strength and tone. 

Meet new and like-minded challenge participants looking improve their health and fitness in a fun and social environment. 

  • Myzone belt 
  • BE ACTIVE 6WC app 
  • 6 weeks access to the Home Fitness Network 
  • Weekly motivational and educational fitness and nutrition e-newsletters 
  • Chance to win the club BE ACTIVE 6WC local prizes, and the national prizes 
  • Before and after measurements and photos. 

How much does the Be Active 6-week challenge cost? 

This fee is dependent on the model of Myzone heart rate belt is chosen. Participants will participate (at cost) in one of two weekly assisted training options during the duration of the challenge: 1 x 1:1 Personal Training Session per week or 2 x small group personal training sessions per week (at selected facilities). 

Registration fees include access to a Be Active 6-Week Challenge app and nutrition portal, a Myzone MZ heart rate belt (MZ-1 or MZ-3) and 6 weeks access to the Home Fitness Network and Michelle Bridge 12WBT Nutrition Portal. 

Participants must be a member of their local centre (local club membership) for the duration of the challenge. Local club membership includes full access to the health club and group fitness classes during opening hours. 

Minimum cost for a facility membership and weekly 1:1 personal training for the duration of the challenge is approximately $349 (depending on location this amount may vary. Check with your local facility for further details. Based on MZ-1). Minimum cost for completing the challenge through the Small Group Personal Training program is $348.70 (based on MZ-1). 

How do I take my photos and measurements?

Your trainer will organise a time for you to have your photos taken through your smartphone on the Be Active App and also record your measurements. 

How does the winner selection process and prizes work?

This year each of our participants go into the running to win a share of over $3,800 worth of cash and prizes! 


For both the local and national level prizes, a judging panel of 3 will see over proceedings and judge on the following criteria of each individual. 

1. Attendance (min 3 sessions/week) (15% of overall rating)

Committing to a training plan is viewed as an important measure of your success. A minimum of 3 training sessions is expected which includes at least 1 x PT or 2 x Group PT sessions per week (minimum of 18 sessions). The additional training sessions can be a gym workout following your training plan. You must complete the Challenge passport and have a Health Club initial each session you complete.  

2. Post Challenge 250-word written essay or video submission (25% of overall rating) 

Lifestyle & Emotional Changes 

At the conclusion of the challenge, each participant submits an essay or video outlining the benefits they have received from completing the challenge in relation to their health and fitness goals, including how it has changed their life. 

3. Before and after photos (20% of overall rating) 

Physical changes that have occurred visually. All photos must be taken as per the criteria provided to clubs. 

4. Myzone MEPS (15% of overall rating) 

At the conclusion of the challenge, each participants Myzone Effort Points (MEPS) will contribute to the overall team average and to individual participant ranking. 

5. Measurements (25% of overall rating) 

Measurements must be completed at the beginning and completion of the challenge by a facility staff member. 


Club Winners - Individual Male and Female  

A 6-month local club membership for each of the male and female club winners (2 membership 

prizes in total per club) 

Club Winners - Team  

Club winning team members will receive a club-based prize (up to a max of 8 prizes in total per club) 

National Winners - Male and Female 

$1,500 awarded for each of the national male and female winners ($3,000 in total) 

What are the terms and conditions for the Be Active 6-week challenge?

Click below to view to full terms and condition

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