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Published by Annette Kellerman Aquatic Centre : 01-06-2018

Your summer body is made this winter!

Your summer body is made this winter!

As the cooler weather approaches, it is easy to give up the workout routine in favour of a movie on the couch. The truth however is that those summer bodies that you dream of are built in winter!

Here are some tips to keeping up your active lifestyle in winter:

1. Grab a workout buddy. Studies have shown that working out with a friend has the ability to increase results. By having someone to motivate you along and challenge you to push yourself, you actually perform better in the company of a buddy!

2. Find an activity that makes you sweat! Keeping warm in winter is essential, and no better way to keep warm in the gym than to get that heart rate up with a high intensity workout. Why not give Zumba a try? 

3. Have you thought about Personal Training? With the support of a qualified trainer you can be sure that your form is correct and therefore reduce the chance of injury. If a workout buddy isn't for you then maybe a motivated trainer is a great way to get in shape sooner!

Overall the most important tip is to Keep Moving this winter, and continue to work towards your fitness goals. We are hear to support you and provide the assistance needed to get you there! 

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Don't let the cold weather stop you from reaching your fitness goals and preparing for summer. Click here to find out how to stay motivated this winter.

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