Adult Swimming Lessons

It's never too late for you to learn how to swim! At Annette Kellerman our Adults program offers water safety and stroke development tailored to meet your needs.

Within small groups, you will develop skills to ensure you're more comfortable and confident participating in Aquatic activities inside of and beyond our aquatic facility.

Swimming lessons will allow you to gain more meaningful learning outcomes that will aid your level of aquatic information, skill and comprehension for safer participation in, on and around water. 

Designed for Adults and Teens 16+

Our Adult Learn to Swim program is designed for adults and teens 16+. Lessons are held at our centre with one teacher per (up to) 6 students for a more personalised experience. Each swimming lesson will run for 30 minutes.

All classes are delivered by one of our professional and fully accredited learn to swim teachers, within a safe and encouraging environment. You are sure to feel comfortable and confident in our family friendly, social environment.

We look forward to having you in the water with us!

Join Adult Swimming Lessons

If you're ready to get started in our adult swimming lessons click below. We look forward to having you in the water with us soon!

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What are the Benefits of Learn to Swim?

Adult swim lessons are not just for adults who don’t know how to swim. Our classes offer a range of benefits when you’re in the water.

  • Improved confidence in the water
  • Increase swim stroke development
  • Improved survival ability
  • Correct swimming techniques
  • Cardiovascular and resistance-based exercise
  • Improved join range of motion
  • Improved strength and overall fitness

What's it like learning to swim as an adult?

Our adult’s classes are designed to cater for all abilities and cultural backgrounds. Learning to swim as an adult is just as important as learning to swim as a child.

No matter your age, where you're from or what level your current swimming capabilities are at. Our adult swimming lessons will help you improve your swimming and water safety abilities.

Learning to swim is also a great form or exercise and will enhance your health, fitness and quality of life. Adult swimming lessons will allow you to lead a happier and healthier lifestyle.

What are your Levels?


Absolute beginner with little or no experience of moving through the water independently.


  • Dog paddle independently
  • Back and front floating
  • Kicking and breathing skills
  • Sculling and propulsion
  • Introduction of freestyle and backstroke
  • Becoming water confident 


Able to swim approx. 25 metres or more of basic freestyle introducing more technique and endurance based skills.


  • Development of freestyle
  • Development of backstroke
  • Introduction of breaststroke
  • Development of kick and breathing
  • Timing and coordination
  • Gaining water confidence


Can swim at least 50 metres consistently of freestyle and backstroke whilst having the basic skills of breaststroke.


  • Further development of breaststroke
  • Increasing freestyle endurance
  • Pathway to beginner squad
  • Further development of breathing skills
  • Introduction of Butterfly 

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