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"We do it with a passion" Our focus is on competitive swimming coached in a fun and supportive environment for both kids and adults!


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NEXT RACE NIGHTS: 3rd August, 7th September, 5th October

The Squad Program at AKAC is an inclusive pathway to performance where all swimmers are
encouraged to swim to their potential and get everything they can out of their sport. Be that for fitness or in pursuit of competition. 

The ideal age of entry into the competitive stream of swimming is 7-10 years old.
Through a swimmer’s formative years in the sport application to training and team culture is one of
the key focuses.

Squad swimmers are assessed on a daily basis with swimmers being moved when applicable
standards are reached.

Swimmers will be notified and advised when they are ready to move and when they should move depending on
the appropriate cycle which the squad is in.

Progression through the AKAC Squads development pathway is dependent on not just ability but application to the group and attitude towards the tasks at hand.

The Squad program is led by Head Coach Mark Bull.

There are 7 levels within the Annette Kellerman Squads Program.

Junior Dolphins Squad - Learn to execute swimming skills in a fun encouraging environment. Learn to train.

Bronze Squad - Development of racing skills, training application & entry to competiton.

Silver Squad - Performance at an area or metropolitan area. Strong commitment to swimming

Gold Squad - Performance at a state or national level. Strong commitment to swimming.

Swimfit Squad - Swimming for fitness for those swimmers who have completed to Junior squad. Aged 12-18.

Masters Squad - Swimming for fitness for over 18 year olds. Some focus on competition if desired.

All Squad enrolments require an assessment by Head Coach Mark Bull.

If you require further information about squads or wish to organise an assessment, please email Mark Bull at squads@akac.com.au

Swimmers are, and always will be, the priority within the program before performance. The
Development pathway is constantly under review so any and all questions are welcomed at

For information about AKAC Swim Club the recognised competitive swimming club at Annette
Kellerman please click here or email aksc.thesecretary@gmail.com


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