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Prices Features



Includes: Pool                                       Excludes: Aqua Classes



10 Visit

20 Visit

Month Pass






Child / Student





Pensioner / Health Care Card





Senior / Full time Tertiary Student





Family Pass (2 Adults & 2 Children)

$20.50 + $3.70 Additional Children






Carer for disability


Child Under 4 years

Free with a full paying Adult (Swimming)

Must be over 16 years old to supervise and must be within arm’s reach of child/ren at all times.





Crèche                (Max of 2 hours)

$4.90 (per hour)


Locker Hire

$3.50 (per Visit)





Includes: Pool , Wellness Centre & All Group Exercise Classes        

*** Visit passes include Free Locker hire***



10 Visit






Senior / Fulltime Tertiary Student




Pensioner / Health Care Card




For Membership Information

please see one of our friendly Membership Consultants


Includes: Locker Hire & 2 Spectators


1st Child

2nd Child

Subsequent Children






Concession price




Swim Champs

$143.50 (per school term)

Adult Classes – Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced levels. Must sign up for 6 lessons


Per Class








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Conditions of Entry

This centre is supervised for the safety and comfort of patrons in accordance with relevant safety guidelines. Accordingly, the following conditions of Entry and Use apply.

  1. Management have the right to refuse entry.
  2. Children under 10years of age are to be accompanied and closely supervised by a responsible adult 18years or older at all times. Children unaccompanied by an adult may be prevented from entry at the discretion of staff.
  3. Children under 5years of age are to be within arm reach of their parent or guardian at all times.
  4. Patrons must follow the instructions given by AKAC staff at all times. Management reserves the right to ask any patron who does not obey signage, the directives of staff, or Conditions of Use and Entry to leave the facility and further entry may be refused.
  5. Patrons must shower before entering the pool.
  6. No abusive, offensive or disruptive behaviour or language.
  7. No running, pushing, backflips, bombing or holding breath underwater for competitions. Diving is only permitted where the depth of the pool is greater than 1.2metres (please seek advice from AKAC pool lifeguards clarification).
  8. No animals, drugs, alcohol, glass or porcelain allowed inside the facility. Banned items such as, but not limited to bikes, scooter, skateboards, and any type of ball are not permitted on the premises. There is no smoking permitted in this facility.
  9. Management takes no responsibility for personnel belongs.
  10. Patrons enter the centre at their own risk. By entering the centre Patrons accept that the operator is not liable for loss or injury however caused, and consent to receiving any first aid treatment that the centre’s staff may reasonably consider necessary or desirable in the event they suffer and injury whilst at the centre.
  11. Season and Multi Visit Passes are valid for season of purchase only.
  12. Coaching or training must not be conducted for fee or reward without the prior permission of the Centre Management.
  13. No photography, except with the permission of the subject and (the subject is under 18years of age) their parent or guardian

 The Royal Lifesaving Society’s Keep Watch Program guidelines are implemented in this centre.

Keep Watch @ Public Pool Policy

  • Children (under 15 years) are not allowed entry unless under active supervision of a person 16 years or older. 
  • Parents and guardians should actively supervise their children at all times. As such, they should be dressed ready for action, including unexpected entry to a pool.
  • For 0-5 year olds and non-swimmers a parent or guardian is in the water at all times within arms' reach of the child. It is best if you are engaging with your child i.e. playing with them, talking to them.
  • For 6-10 year olds constant active supervision is required. Be prepared to get wet and enter the water with this age group.
  • For 11-14 year olds it is recommended that a parents check up on their child by physically going to the point where they are in or around the water.

 *For more information about these programs and services, please go to the appropriate section on our facility page. Various offers and promotions will be shown on our promotions page. However, many offers are only found on Facebook.