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The 5 stage personalised fitness program that is available to all of our members. Come speak with a trainer and work out your best workout options and enjoy the support of our staff as you embark on your fitness journey.

Face2Face program

Face2Face program Features

Face2Face program

Q: What is Face2Face and how can it help you?

A: We tailor your personal fitness plan using the latest scientific approach and most time efficient techniques so you never get bored or have to quit because you are too busy. Results are guaranteed. If you attend all the Face2Face consultations within 6 weeks, stick to your workout plan and don’t see any results, then you’ll get your money back. Some conditions apply.

Q: What do I get?

A: Each week, for five weeks, your dedicated fitness professional will meet with you to discuss topics such as workouts, eating habits, and how to take your workouts to the next level.

Q: Is there a cost?

A: No. You only pay for your normal Centre membership and the Face2Face program is FREE. If you wish to book any subsequent personal training sessions, then this will incur an additional cost however we do have discounted rates when you buy three or more sessions.



Stage 1: Your consultation with a trainer to take some measurements and specs before creating your program

Stage 2: Your workout explained - Trainer will provide you with your personalised workout and go through it with you

Stage 3: Your workout boost - Trainer will observe your workout program and adapt and alter to suit you best!

Stage 4: Eating Habits *option to substitute with PT

Stage 5: Final review & Results 


Continued support:

Once you have graduated from the Face2face program you can book in for subsequant program review sessions to spice up your workout program every 2 months. We also have Personal Training available if you would like to continue with one on one sessions (prices vary dependant on quantity of sessions).