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Are you an adult who is not confident in the water? We cater for absolute beginners all the way through to stroke correction and endurance building.

Adult Swimming Lessons

Adult Swimming Lessons Features

Adult Swimming Lessons

Our Adult Learn to swim program is $24.10 per 30 Minute lesson and classes cater to upto 5 per class (4 in the beginners classes). When enrolling into our program we require a minimum 6 week commitment. 

Adult Learn to swim Levels:


 Absolute beginner with little or no experience of moving through the water independently.


  • Dog paddle independently
  • Back and front floating
  • Kicking and breathing skills
  • Sculling and propulsion
  • Introduction of freestyle and backstroke
  • Becoming water confident 


 Able to swim approx. 25 metres or more of basic freestyle introducing more technique and endurance based skills.


  • Development of freestyle
  • Development of backstroke
  • Introduction of breaststroke
  • Development of kick and breathing
  • Timing and coordination
  • Gaining water confidence



 Can swim at least 50 metres consistently of freestyle and backstroke whilst having the basic skills of breaststroke.


  • Further development of breaststroke
  • Increasing freestyle endurance
  • Pathway to beginner squad
  • Further development of breathing skills
  • Introduction of Butterfly 

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