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Our team of Learn to Swim Teachers and Swimming Coaches strive to make every lesson fun, but most importantly to be continually progressing your child in accordance with our course structure, based on Swim and Survive from Royal Life Saving Society (Australia).

Swim School

Swim School Features

Swim School

The Annette Kellerman swim school operates lessons 7 days a week, running a continuous 52 week membership (48 lessons with 4 weeks family swimming and one week enrolment in our fast track program over the summer break). 

Lesson are of 30 minute duration and you are required to complete a minimum of 16 weeks, commencing the week you enrol. Lesson will run as normal unless otherwise notified. For further information please CLICK HERE or contact our swim school staff on (02) 9565 1906.

NOTE: If your child is 3years or older they will require a FREE swimming assessment. Assessment times are: Monday - Thursday at 6pm & Saturdays at 12.30pm. For further information please see broucher in "Downloads" at the bottom of the page


Wonder Classes (6months to 3years)

These classes provide the perfect introduction to swimming and water safety. Activities include submerging, floating, jumping, turning and holding, water movement and water play to name a few. With a fun focus of development and social bonding with other participants as both bub and parent enjoy the lesson. One parent is required in the class per child and the duration is 30 minutes.

Wonder 1: Caters for bubs 6 months to 1 year.

Wonder 2: Caters for bubs 1 year to 2 years.

Wonder 3: Caters for toddlers from 2 years to 3 years.


Courage Classes (3years to school aged)

Courage classes focus on water safety skills including climbing out of the pool, Resurfacing and floating. Lessons are held in the program pool.

Courage 1: Caters for children 3+ years who have no swimming experience (will not submerge face in water)

Courage 2: Caters for children 3+ years who have limited swimming experience (will submerge face in water)

Courage 3: Caters for children 3+ (an assessment will be required for this level)

Courage 4: Caters for children 3+ (an assessment will be required for this level)


School Age Active D1-Active 5 (School aged beginner to pre-squad)

Active D1 - Active 3 lessons provide a balance of survival skills and endurance teaching participants each stroke to increase their swimming strength and confidence.  Active 4- 5 lessons provide a balance of stroke correction, endurance and survival skills. Majority of lessons are held in the main pool.

Active D1: This level caters for begginers 5+ years.

Active 1: This level caters for children 5+ years who can swim out to an instructor and kick on their back unaided

Active D2: Children in this level should be able to perform a front and back torpedo (an assessment will be required for this level)

Active 2: Freestyle and Backstroke will be able to be performed in this level (an assessment will be required for this level)

Active D3: Freestyle, Backstroke and Breastroke will be able to be performed in this level (an assessment will be required for this level)

Active 3/4: Children in this level will be able to perform all competitive strokes, this level works on endurance and stroke correction. (an assessment will be required for this level)

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Makeup Lessons Policy


  • Each student is allowed 2 makeup lessons per 16 weeks (a medical certificate is required)
  • These makeup lessons are non refundable and cannot be altered once booked
  • Bookings can only be made one week in advance
  • Makeup lessons are schedualed in selected timeslots and days and are not able to be made up in regular lessons
  • Our wonder program students can book makeups in any available class slot
  • If you cannot provide a doctors certificate for absence you can access a family swim pass in place of the lesson


*Please direct any enquires regarding make up lessons or notifying your child's absence from a class to makeuplesson@akac.com.au.*

Swim Nappy Policy

Pool closures due to toilet related accidents are not a pleasant experience for patrons and pool management. Please do your part in ensuring that our centre can remain open to the public during opening hours.

  • All children 3 years and under MUST wear a swimming nappy.
  • Any person that is not complying with this policy will be asked to exit the pool.
  • This Policy is in place to ensure the highest possible water quality for our swimmers.
  • Please note that both disposable and reusable swim nappies are available for purchase at our reception. Our staff will help you to ensure the correct size for your child.
  • We highly recommend that both a disposable and reusable nappy are worn to ensure that your child is accident free while in the water.

If in doubt, put a swim nappy on your child. 

Swim Champs Program

Please enquiry about availability for the SWIM CHAMPS program at the Annette Kellerman Aquatic Centre by coming in and speaking with our friendly staff at the swim school desk.


Swim School Enrolment Enquiry